Favorite Undies 2018

It goes without saying that the only brand of lingerie that I “buy” is Natori. Just like almost everything else in life (granola, jeans, grocery stores, colors, fabrics, most anything and everything), I am super picky, but undies are by far the most important part of my daily ensemble. If I am wearing the wrong pair, I do not feel right or comfortable so it has been ESSENTIAL that I have the most perfect undies. And I did find them, but GASP, they are no longer going to be made and sold (I have tried to convince my husband to continue to make them, but he will not take my advice,



1) My current favorites are the Feathers Boyshorts . If you see them in the store, STOCK UP AND BUY THEM NOW. You will not regret it. If you can’t find them, it is because I purchased every single pair online that I could find….


I kept the tags on all these undies just so it didn’t seem weird or odd to everyone. These are fresh undies, never been worn. And let me tell you, I LOVE these undies more than anything. Seriously they are the perfect pair.

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Feathers Undies

I know I have mentioned these undies before (Hospital Lounge Wear) but they are so ah-mazing that I feel like they need their own special shout out. The Natori Feathers Panties are that good.


HIP-ster panties!


Good view of the tush!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they might LOOK like granny panties, but trust me, they are so luxurious and form fitting that they are anything BUT. They are not overly lacey and they have the perfect amount of fabric. Thongs are so 1990s, cotton undies are so 13 year old, and these are so 2012 perfection. They are the perfect mixture of a classic fit with a modern take.

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