Thanksgiving 2016- Breitenbush Hot Springs

We just returned from the Best / West Coast where we spent a whirlwind holiday weekend outside in nature with my side of the family. It is best summed up by Ken’s instagram post:




My parents have spent the past 20 Thanksgivings at Breitenbush Hot Springs, at the base of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains.  So instead of indulging in food, turkey, booze, and football, we spent Thanksgiving off the grid in natural hot springs, rain, lush forests, and togetherness (vegetarian togetherness). My brother and his family have gone the past seven years, so this year, we decided to make the trek out to Oregon. It was quite the haul, but it was a special and joyous time for the cousins and all of us to be together.

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Thanksgiving 2015

It is rare to find friends that are family; people you love unconditionally and can be completely comfortable with in any setting. Luckily, we have found our New York non-family family, so it was an extra special treat to be invited to spend Thanksgiving with them in Aspen, Colorado. HOLY COW was it amazing, perfect, and incredible. Take a look at our pictures (#humblebrag #sorryimnotsorry)!


The kids get along swimmingly. Best friends for life.

The kids get along swimmingly. Best friends for life.

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Thanksgiving 13

Happy December! And Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a great holiday weekend celebrating your loved ones, your life, and your health. We had a terrific holiday full of resting and family activities with the Natoris, although we missed my parents and brother who were all together celebrating Thanksgiving a la Oregon style. Here are some pictures, thanks for looking at them!

My everything.

My everything.

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Thanksgiving Day Parade

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  We are in New York for the whole weekend for the first time ever (traveling with two kids over the busiest weekend of the year?  No, thank you.)  Thanks to my sister who works at Macy’s, we got tickets to the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Fun family adventure, and everyone (especially Cruzzie) had a blast.  Enjoy the pics!

The parade route down Central Park West. Beautiful day!

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Crispy Onions

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which means PARTY IN MY TUMMY.


There's a party in my tummy! o yeah! o yeah!

One of my absolute favorite dishes happens to be green bean casserole. Maybe because I never ate it growing up, or maybe because it is so rich and creamy, decadent and savory. Whatever the case, if it is in front of me, I will eat the whole dish. So delicious.

YES PLEASE. NOW. (thanks)

As I recently discovered, fried onions are the secret to any dish. Green bean casserole, sandwiches, and salads. Seriously, you just sprinkle on fried onions and your dish becomes a party in your tummy. They are sugar-free, meat-free, and guilt-free. And I have found a brand I love:  Lars’ Own crispy onions!

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What I Am Thankful For

Small things I am thankful for….

* Coffee

* Jars, jars, and more jars of Peanut Butter

* Hot water and power

* The sound of giggles

* Amazing, loving, loyal, and caring friends

* Crisp, fresh apples

* Electric toothbrushes

* My health

* Cookies

* Creative combinations

* Cashmere

* Kale

* More Kale

* And even MORE Kale

* Equal rights

* The ability to impact a student’s life

* Showing girls and boys that a woman can be good at math

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