Summer 13 Nutrition Tips

Now that it is August, it’s the perfect time to finish the summer on a good note with some nutritional advice from the lovely and talented, Dr. Jana Klauer. Featured on JGB twice before (last summer and early 2013), Dr. Klauer continues to motivate, inspire, and educate all of us. So, thank you Dr. Klauer for sharing more wisdom and science, and helping us commit to a healthy and active lifestyle!

dr. klauer

The ever so beautiful and smart, Dr. Jana Klauer!

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2013 Nutrition Tips from Dr. Klauer

Back in July, I had the opportunity to talk with physician, author, and top-selling nutritionist Dr. Jana Klauer and share her health advice with all of you. She was such a hit and so informative, that I sat down with her again to find out answers to more of my burning questions! Here they are!

dr. klauer

Question: What are your suggestions on how to create a healthy lifestyle within a family?

It all used to be so simple. The family sat down for dinner together, ate a wholesome home-cooked meal. No ordering out or eating fast foods. This is the way it was before both mom an dad worked.  Now moms struggle with finding balance between work and home responsibilities.  Today there are not enough hours in the day! So what to do?

I think most of us feel this way on how to balance all of life responsibilities.

Many of us feel this way. Balancing is tough! (picture courtesy

Here are a couple of ideas that might help:

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