Josie Enchanted Garden PJ Set

I am not joking when I say that my new favorite pajamas are the Josie Enchanted Garden PJ set. They are perfection. Great for cold weather, hot weather, alone, surrounded by other people, cute, flirty, fun, and oh so comfortable. Terrific to lay around the house while looking put together, chic, and fashionable in your pajamas.


They come in two different color ways: one in

They come in two different color ways: one in hibiscus and one in coral.

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Josie Jewel Road Sleepshirt

Before I get to the post today (and be sure to read to the bottom for a special treat), I want to share three links. First, I am so proud of my beloved hometown Eugene, Oregon for making it into New York Magazine as a weekend escape. To read all about my hometown, go here. And for you loyal readers (a million thank yous!), I am sure you recognize a lot of the places from previous blog posts (Voodoo doughnuts, Spencer’s Butte, and King Estate). Secondly, here is a great article for  New Yorkers currently dealing with the crazy-traffic-grouchy-tourist-filled-city! Read it here. Thirdly, this Josie Robe was mentioned as a perfect gift in Kylie Jenner’s blog (who knew) so read about it here! And now, a great last minute gift:  this Josie sleepshirt!


How fun is the print? Colorful, vibrant, trippy, and oh-so-fun.

How fun is the print? Colorful, vibrant, trippy, and oh-so-fun.

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Josie by Natori Exotic Petals

A new fragrance!  You’ll remember the Josie by Natori fragrance launched last summer… well, a new limited edition updated flanker is out and it is the PERFECT scent for late summer/early fall  — white floral, citrus, floral, musky, amber, and woody! Josie by Natori Exotic Petals (even the name smells good!).


Even the box is beautiful!

Even the box is beautiful!  Cool side note:  the print matches some Josie fashion pieces like this and this.  Love!

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Josie Fragrance / Bloomingdale’s Event



As the Josie girl, I love everything Josie. The prints, the material, the vibe, the lifestyle, and especially the new fragrance. Launched this past Summer, the fragrance is effortless, confident, and light. Just the right amount of subtle sweetness paired with crisp. The scent is a vibrant accord of crisp Asian Pear and Bergamot (LOVE!), followed by Sampaguita (the national flower of the Philippines), Freesia, and Wild Orchid. The perfect harmony of smells. And now, what is even more amazing is that the fragrance comes in a rollerball! Perfect for your purse, a stocking stuffer, or travel.  Cha-ching.

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Josie Natori Soho Boutique

As followers of the company know, Natori opened a retail store in June, its first boutique in Manhattan!  Located in Nolita on 253 Elizabeth Street (between Houston and Prince), the store changes themes every couple of months. So I popped down earlier this week to see the current installation focusing on Ready-to-Wear.  Take a look at the pictures and make sure to check it out when in NYC!

253 Elizabeth Street

253 Elizabeth Street

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Josie Bedding

As the Josie Girl, I am so excited to about the recent launch of Josie Bedding! Natori has done its own bedding for the past several years, but now it is Josie‘s turn to shine. And it is sooooo coooool and soooooo fun! Boho! Bold! Bright! Color! Comfort! Divine!


Notice something different? To learn more about this bedding and to shop available pieces click the + symbol embedded in my pictures thanks to Shopping Cart Technologies. See this exciting new technology for influencers in action on The Publishers Website.

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Apparently I am the last one to know that a scent you put on your body is not called ‘perfume.’ Rather, it is called ‘fragrance.’ So, ladies, I am pleased to announce the ever-so-new and ever-so-fresh fragrance by Josie! Light, airy and transparent, this scent is infused with Asian pear, Sampaguita (the national flower of the Philippines) and some vanilla which makes it sweeter and fun for summer. Very fresh and every day. And it JUST came out last week!


The bottle

The bottle, a graphic take on life. The packaging is beautifully mismatched to achieve a statement of perfect imperfection. #truedat

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Natori Beach Must Haves!

Natori Beach Must Haves! Now that we are in the middle of summer, we are in the full swing of beach / pool / lounging. And these Natori products are essential for summer dayz. Hawt dawg.


Josie Sunbleached Chemise / Coverup


Yes, this is officially a chemise, but it also works as a coverup. Win-win! I love the ombre colors, softness of the ultra-soft jersey, and the ease of the silhouette.


pink coverup

pink coverup for sunny days

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Josie Wildflower Bralette

‘Tis the season for hot weather clothing! No one wants to wear a wire during hot summer days, so this Josie Wild Flower bralette is the perfect solution.  It’s a non-constricting bra without too much fabric, and adds a pop of color and pizzazz to hot weather layering. It is the perfect blend of sweet and spirited –delicate, whimsical, fun, and colorful!


Sweet bralette

Sweet bralette

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JCN’s Office

We have all seen Josie Natori (my fabulous mother-in-law)’s home here (closet) and here (bathroom) and in magazines here and here, but we have not seen her office at The Natori Company (the office within the office). So without further ado, here it is — take a look!

JCN's desk. Her office is gigantic -- the size of our apartment -- with one side "his" and one side "hers."

JCN’s desk. Her office is gigantic — the size of our apartment — with one side “his” and one side “hers.”

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2014

Mother’s Day is around the corner….literally, 6 days away! So time to get online, double click, and get yo mama some Natori gear! And this year, there is so much goodness at Natori that it is hard to dwindle down a selection. Everything at Natori is on fire right now. Seriously, you could go to, close your eyes, randomly start clicking on items and voila, you would have the perfect gift for your mother. All of the items are beautiful, luxurious, stylish, comfortable, and must have. But since that is not reality, here is my MOTHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE. Enjoy, and special treat: you get 20% off orders of $250 or more with the code LOVEMOM2014 at checkout (through May 11th)!

Happy mother's day!

Happy Mother’s day!

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Josie Hollywood Boho Pant

New season (it is Spring, right? NOT in NYC…) so new lounge pants from Josie! These Josie Hollywood Boho pants (now sold out) are perfection; the right combination of slinky and luxurious,  cozy and bohemian. The vibrant print is an ultra-soft woven with colorblock detail, and the drawstring waist is easy to wear. These pants are the right choice to slip on to when lounging around the house, whether it is daytime or nighttime.


How cool and boho does the Josie model look in the whole ensemble?

How cool and boho does the Josie model look in the whole ensemble?

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Spicy Essentials Sleepshirt

I am craving the nights where I don’t have to wear slippers, sweatpants, long tees, sweatshirts, and robes to bed! I am so sick of this Winter, specifically the cold! And hopefully soon, I can wear just a sleepshirt to bed, and be warm enough. SOON knock on wood. I am super excited about wearing the Josie Spicy Essentials Sleepshirt — and it is exactly that — spicy AND essential.

Spicy! Bright!

Spicy! Bright!

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Josie Palms Pants

A new favorite Spring Lounge pant — Thank you, ever-so-stylish-mother-in-law, Josie Natori! Everything about this pant screams WEAR ME NOW! I love the easy drawstring low-drop waist, the black/white combination, and the fun palm print.

Palm pants

Palm-pants. Can’t get much better than this.

the tush

The tush.

Front shot. Too early to have a picture of my face.

Front shot. Too early to have a picture of my face.

Polish TUSH!

Polish TUSH!

Feather palm print.




I love the look — and not just for bedtime! Buy now here, and don’t forget to get an extra pair for your Mother! Happy Mother’s Day!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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Josie Fall 2012 Favorites

I will be the first to admit that I am not that cute when I come home from work and put on my lounge wear for the evening. This is what I look like:

not cute

Pretend you didn't see this picture!! This is the real truth on what I look like at night time! And yes, I look tired because I *AM* tired.

I know, I know, I know. I LOOK RIDICULOUS! THE POLAR OPPOSITE FROM CUTE! Everything about my look is just a huge faux pas, but I can’t help myself! I am just too tired and too worn out to put any thought into my lounge wear choices!

So Josie lounge wear to the rescue!

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Polka Dots

Polka dots are in! It seems like they are all over the place right now. Here are my current faves..



J Crew socks are the best. They have a ton of striped and polka dot patterns, great colors, and different fabrics!



Opening Ceremony dotted Bomber? Done. Perfect for making a Fall statement. Like, I like dots.


large dots

Fun J Crew large dot sweater! Love the pink.



Josie Gio PJ. Dots AND stripes!

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Josie Bras

Obviously, I am a Josie Girl that loves Josie products. And their bras and undies are some of my favorite around. Seriously. I am a lady with small boobs (and proud of them!) and I am o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with the Josie bras. PERFECT fit. Absolutely, perfect.

Currently, these are my top three faves:

Josie Mya Contour Bra

The perfect bra under t-shirts and form-fitting tops. The cups hug the boobs perfectly and gives them a nice, round shape (just like we want them). The bra also has a pop of animal jacquard texture and print on the straps, making it more special than just any other t-shirt bra!

Mya bra

Might look boring, but it is supportive, comfortable, and feels like it was made especially for you (which obvi, it was). The ideal everyday bra.

This is the type of bra that you will wear for a month straight and forget to take off. It’s that comfortable.

Josie Femme Girl Interrupted Push Up Bra

A little more oomph and sex-appeal with some print, color, support, and pizzazz. The straps are bright, and the front more plunging, making it perfect for a low top or a tank where you don’t mind showing some POC (Thank you, Brad Goreski, Pop of Color). Perfect for a night where you think someone will see your bra (also available in solid colors).

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