Diamond Ear Cuff

As a kindergarten graduation present to myself (yessir, my son graduates kindergarten, and I am the one that gets the present #logic), I bought myself a diamond ear cuff. Now that everyone is back to wearing multiple pierces (a la 1990s), I wanted to go back to my 16 year old self with five ear holes (#truth) and a piercing in my ear lobe. Thing is, I didn’t want to re-pierce them myself, or actually go to a tattoo-piercing-store again (Did that, done that), so instead I went the cuff route. And I am giddy with excitement.  It is not just any cuff… it is a high-class, super-fancy, DIAMOND cuff. Check it out, egad, I am in love.


Bat-a-bing! Ca-ching.

Bat-a-bing! Ca-ching. (And yes, I feel slightly overexposed with the close-ups of my neck hairs, ear fuzz, and freckles. Don’t mind the zoom on the camera).

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Venessa Arizaga Bracelets

I have a friend who always wears the most fun, quirky, and playful jewelry. Everything she wears, I want to copy  / steal (imitation = sincerest form of flattery) and this time around, I copied her exactly and got the same bracelet from Venessa Arizaga. (Thank you!) And look how FUN and COOL and PLAYFUL it is? I feel like I am 14 years old… youthful and whimsical.


Do you get it??? And yes, I am a bombshell in birkenstocks. #obvi

Focus on the middle one with the words.  Do you get it??? And yes, I am a “bomb-shell” in birkenstocks. #obvi

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Bauble Bar Pearl Earrings

If you live in NYC, then you are more likely to be in touch with certain fashion trends. What does that mean? It means that the common person (like myself) knows about who wore what earrings to what fancy gathering, who is the spokesperson for what company etc….Like Jennifer Lawrence is the spokesman for Dior. And therefore, in the Dior advertisements, she wears certain Dior earrings, wears these earrings at various events, and represents Dior. AND MAN, does she look good! And THOSE EARRINGS!!!! Hot damn, those earrings.


The earrings -- front and back pearls, small and big.

The earrings — front and back pearls, small and big.

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Amber Necklace

This past summer in Oregon, I noticed that every little baby wore amber necklaces (just like the adults wore tye dyes and birkenstocks). It looked hip — the orange, yellow twinkle and shine — but I knew that there was more to the story than just aesthetics (hippies don’t care about being stylish). And sure enough, there was.

Baby Girl

But check out the cuteness! The look alone is worth it to me.

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Love and Luck Jewelry

I love jewelry. Similar to shoes and bags, jewelry looks great on all body types. I am super boring and tend to wear the same jewelry all of the time. Whether it’s for casual everyday situations or black tie events, I tend to wear the same earrings, bracelets, and rings. Call me lazy, but that is just how I roll.

So when I stumbled across Love and Luck Jewelry, I knew I had found a special line. I noticed a friend of mine had on the first letter of her two daughters’ names on two bracelets, (instead of the overplayed look of having the letters on a necklace), and I instantly fell in love. LOVE.  Once I asked her about where she got them, I instantly knew that I was in luck and in love with this company and ordered my own.

C and Z

So sheer and unnoticeable, and at the same time special and significant.


I like to wear them on their own, or layered together with other bracelets.

Love and Luck Jewelry was started by Casey Singer in 2009. Casey creates custom pieces, such as these bracelets, as well as limited edition collections. All of the items are created with high quality materials, are hand carved in precious and semi precious stones, and can be combined with 14K rose, yellow, white gold or silver. Most of her pieces have some kind of special symbolism representing protection, love, luck and/or good fortune.

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