Men’s Shirts: Beau

Men’s fashion alert!  As many of you know, I grew up in Eugene, Oregon, where there are as many men’s dress shirts as there are Republicans…(I only knew one or two families that were Republicans….call me a hippy liberal).  That’s not to say I don’t have a view on men’s shirts, because I am EXTREMELY OPINIONATED.  I can’t stand (bold underline italic)  men’s dress shirts that are too big (or men’s clothes in general).  Why is it hard for so many men to find clothes that fit well?  Fortunately, Ken has found a new custom-fit shirt service that is user-friendly, reasonably priced, and makes great looking shirts.


Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 6.36.24 AM

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Rachel Comey Culottes

Culottes are having a moment right now. Like a big moment. And because they feel so French and fancy free, I am in love.  I love wearing them with sneakers and pretending I live in Paris where I can roam the cobblestone streets with a baguette in my hand and un coup de champagne in the other. Alas, that is not my reality (schlepping to swimming lessons and hustling to tutoring is more the truth), but I still can “look” French. So Culottes are my new favorite pant.


So if I am going to try to look French, then I might as well a striped shirt, too. N'est pas? Mais OUI!

So if I am going to try to look French, then I might as well a striped shirt, too. N’est pas? Mais OUI!

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Josie Natori Retail Store – Giveaway!

It has been over ten months since the Natori retail store opened its doors in Nolita (253 Elizabeth Street, between Houston and Prince)! The store looks amazing and I wanted to share the new windows and merchandise. Since Spring is now here (April showers bring May flowers), head downtown, wander around the streets, eat a pizza and buy a bra and a dress.  Enjoy the pics and see details of an awesome *giveaway* at the end of the post!


Entertainment out of the Natori shop last Friday. YEP, this hunk of a dude, played for two hours outside of the store for FREE! (He is in fact, the son of Josie Natori, and my husband, Ken Natori). He is also a budding musician, dedicated and devoted to the brand, and a super hunky handsome dude.

Entertainment outside of the boutique last Friday. YEP, this dude played for two hours outside of the store!  My hubby!  Keeping up the momentum from this.

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Natori Office: The Showroom

On this blog, we have had the privilege of seeing some aspects of my mother-in-law (Josie Natori)’s home; her (sick and drool-worthy OMG I NEED IT NOW) closet  and the (incredible, chic, and original) silver bathroom in herapartment. And now, we have the opportunity to take a sneak-peek look at the Natori Office in NYC (I highlighted my mother in law’s office here — the office within the office). Come take a tour of where the magic at Natori happens! First stop: 18th Floor (come back Friday for more on the 19th Floor).


Natori office.

Once you exit the elevator, you see “Natori” written across the wall. Most impressed = Cruzzie. N A T O R I.

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Maison Labiche Sweatshirts

I am a huge fan of sweatshirts. If I could, I would wear them every day. And now I have found yet ANOTHER line of sweatshirts that I am royally obsessed with. And of course, it is French (bien sur), which makes it even cooler and better! In my mind, French = fancy, so I can wear these out to a dinner party, or even a gala, and be well dressed (in my dreams). Maison Labiche, everyone!


Maison Labiche, House of Female Deer.

Maison Labiche, House of Female Deer.

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What a long style night! By the time Gaga took the stage at the Academy Awards, I was ready for bed. Good thing the Josie staff was up (late) for the challenge of picking the coolest and crispest looks from this year’s mega-wattage style parade. I’m turning over today’s post to their takeaway and wishing I could shop directly from these pics. Wow.


Jamie Chung in Yanina Couture

It’s hard to believe that a dress punctuated with starbursts of sequins could be described as delicate and lovely but in this case, it’s true.


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Josie Natori RTW Fall 2015 Fashion Show

On a freezing (think 20 degrees and windy) but beautiful day, the Josie Natori Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear show took place at the DiMenna Center in Midtown Manhattan yesterday.  And as always, the collection was incredible — details, embroidery, intricacy, the works. A well put together collection of looks inspired by Istanbul; where East meets West. Once again, huge congratulations to the whole Natori team, and my creative Mother-In-Law!


Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 6.58.30 AM

Yes, my 2.5 year old daughter got her own personal invitation to a fashion show. However, this time around, she did not join us, as in September, she stood on one leg, while my son sat on the other (not that fun for me).

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Men’s Fashion: Bonobos

Happy early Fashion Week!  The Josie Natori Fall ’15 show is at 10 AM this morning.  I’ll be recapping tomorrow, but check out Natori’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for coverage all day.  Bonne chance!  On to today’s post….


Even though my husband is the son of a fashion designer, his wardrobe was far from fashionable when I first met him. Think oversized shirts, boxy suits, pleated shorts, and even worse…. baggy pants. I don’t like taking credit for much, but I definitely have had a positive influence on his wardrobe, with the biggest difference being that Ken now wears clothes that fit. You gotta love a man in some tight fitting pants!  Ken has improved his wardrobe with a number of different brands.  I did a post a few years ago on shirts, and the latest evolution has been casual pants from Bonobos.


Bonobos Guideshop

The Bonobo’s Guideshop, 45 W 25th Street, 5th Floor

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Mini Melissa Kitty Shoes



While it hit other states hard, Juno the Blizzard didn’t really hit NYC….but we still had (a tiny amount of) snow, no school, lots of hot cocoa, sledding, and snow angels. I was a little disappointed to wake up to 2 (ok, 6 total) inches of snow, but super happy to be with the kids and play in the snow.  I hope all the JG readers in New England are doing OK.


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Zara Leopard Shoes

I am a huge fan of slip-on comfortable shoes that are hip and easy to walk in. And these Zara Leopard shoes check off the boxes. These flat leather ankle boots are made out of natural cowhide with elastic side panels and white rubber soles. They are quick to slip on, flat to run a marathon with, and a la mode en ce moment. I imagine that my Parisian Girl Crushes are wearing them now, too.




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Stan Smiths

Oh my god, Parisians are stylish. Every lady I saw on our recent 3 day trip to Paris, appeared to be the most chic, beautiful, elegant, and hip person ever. It didn’t matter if they had a pretty face or skin, but their clothes and the way they carried themselves was so a la mode and fashionable. Instead of looking at the buildings or monuments, my eyes were always focused on the people. Hands down, the best people watching city in the world. In any case, it came down to the Parisian styles. AND DAMN, those ladies know how to look good! They are truly my fashion icons. I don’t want to be like Gwyneth Paltrow, instead I want to be like the average Parisian woman.

French chicness.

French chicness. I want to be the girl with the rolled jeans, top bun, striped shirt, and bag. She is cute — just her BACK alone is cute.

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Josie Natori Soho Boutique

As followers of the company know, Natori opened a retail store in June, its first boutique in Manhattan!  Located in Nolita on 253 Elizabeth Street (between Houston and Prince), the store changes themes every couple of months. So I popped down earlier this week to see the current installation focusing on Ready-to-Wear.  Take a look at the pictures and make sure to check it out when in NYC!

253 Elizabeth Street

253 Elizabeth Street

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Kitty Shoes

Every parent thinks that their kids are the cutest in the world.  I am no different. I am also aware that they are a little more exotic looking than plain-Jane (or myself).  I definitely get stopped a lot in the streets by strangers commenting on how beautiful they are. I always appreciate the straight-forward remarks and admire people’s courage to speak openly to strangers.


Indulgence: Thinking my own kids are cute.

Indulgence: Thinking my own kids are cute.

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First Day of School Fashion

The first day of Cruzzie’s last year of pre-school.  Sad!  Our baby boy is growing up!


Yellow blazer from Bonpointe (thanks Mom).  Birks from Birkenstock (thanks me!)

Yellow blazer from Bonpoint (thanks Mom!). Birks from Birkenstock (thanks me!) It looks like he has a little belly, but it must be the angle.


He was extremely nervous (hence the worried look on his face), but everything went well (the mama-son lunch date at Fred’s, accompanied bythe super huge Lego set afterwards helped). Here is to a great 2014-2015 school year, Fall season, and upcoming weekend. Have a great one.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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Front view.

I jumped on the overall trend bandwagon back in November. Well, actually, last Spring I had my eye on a pair of Roseanna overalls, but didn’t bite the bullet….so it was on my mind well before November. At first I was nervous about sticking out more on the Upper East Side (my affinity of birkenstocks, patagonia, and backpacks aren’t shared by the average UES woman), but what do you know? ALL OF THOSE items are now trending as cool. Oregon style = hipper than you know and > UES stuffiness.

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Leur Logette

I am the luckiest person in the world….not only do I have healthy children, a wonderful and supportive husband, loving and committed parents, and irreplaceable siblings, but I also have the most warm, generous, loving, inspirational, and kind in-laws. Sounds impossible, but it is true. I married my soulmate (almost 7 years ago!) and with him, came two incredible people. Not only are they the most chic, fashionable, beautiful and stylish couple around, but they also have taken me in as their own daughter and love me like their own. For that, I will be forever grateful. In addition to their unconditional love and support, they also spoil me. A nice perk, right? On our recent trip to Paris, my mother-in-law, gifted me some unbelievable Chanel shoes and a lacey, fun, original shirt (and bought out BonPoint for the kids!!!!). Check out the beauty of the lace top!


Lace! Cotton! Easy! Black! Love!

Lace! Cotton! Easy! Black! Love!

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Paris Highlights

AHHH Pareeh……How I really love thee. If I could, I would move there in a heartbeat. I have had the privilege of spending a lot of time there in my life time — as a child in the summers with my dear and lovely French family (I went to a French immersion school, and lived with an exchange family for the summers) to my adult life with the Natoris and their beautiful apartment. It is unlike any city and I am in love. Here are the highlights of my trip this past weekend for the Paris Marathon! A whirlwind trip, that will forever be remembered!


The Marathon


Obviously, the main reason I went to Paris, but just one of the many activities I did over the weekend. The route was incredibly scenic and beautiful!


Place de la Concorde.

Place de la Concorde

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Upstate Shirt


Here I go AGAIN (and again and again) with some love for tie dye! It doesn’t matter what year or season it is, I will always have a love for the look. And thank you, Upstate, for creating this beautiful shirt! Upstate creates one of a kind pieces of wearable art by using dye techniques based on Japanese shibori. Each of my Upstate items, I LOVE and WEAR and ROCK.

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Surf Bazaar Harem Pants

Totally in love with my beachwear from Surf Bazaar!  Their tanks, tees, and tunics are my beach and summer go-tos (FYI- we just got back from a great vaca in Puerto Rico), and now they have created a pant that is beyond amazing. And these aren’t just your typical pants — they are the perfectly combined craziness of (1) neon (2) drop crotch (3) embroidered cutouts. It is every trend in ONE pant — Hallelujah!

Neon eyelet!!

Neon eyelet!!

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Josie Natori RTW Fall 14 Fashion Show

Not snow, not rain, not freezing rain, not 8 inch deep puddles of slush could keep people away from attending the Josie Natori RTW Fall 2014 show! Despite being smack dab in the middle of a snow storm (thank you, Mother Nature), the show went on. And what a great success it was! Such luxurious glamour, warmth, attitude, and chicness. I can’t wait to get a hand on these items! Congratulations, MIL! Here are some photos from the show.

UPDATE:  Mom made the cover of WWD!  Unbelievable.  Click here to see the review and see the COVER below!:

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