Josie Pink Pajamas

Although not a millennial, I looooooove millennial pink. I mean, come on, what is not to love about the perfect blush / pale pink? It is a neutral, but with a tiny surprise, full of romance and hope. And now Josie has not one but TWO perfect pajamas in this delicious color. Both sets are soft, luxurious, comfortable, and desirable.


The color of the moment. A grapefruit shade of apricotty salmon.


Josie Bardot Set


Although this set is currently only available in a short, the pant version is coming out later this Fall. And both are great and wearable year round. The Bardot set is lacy, silky, and feminine.  And in the pink, they are a home-run winner.


Silky smooth and easy to wear.

I love the lacy cami top. So flirty and pretty.

The bottom edge of the pants — I love all the details.

Looks like a beautiful butterfly.


Josie Tees PJ Set


This specific PJ set comes in multiple colors, with the pink one as my absolute favorite. But truth be told, I like it in all the color ways….I love wearing shorts to bed!  They are also a great price point ($68) and perfect for all seasons.


Pink, ruffles, and soft? GET OUT OF TOWN! I want want want it.

The shorts are super comfortable and the right amount of sexy and female charm.

The fabric is a great soft modal.

And drawstrings makes it feel good on your stomach….

And the top is the perfect shape and addition to the bottom.


You can’t have enough pink! And speaking of, Natori is donating 100% of sales of the Feathers Bra in Rose Glow to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation this month.  Have a great rest of the week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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Rachel Comey Earrings

I NEVER EVER EVER EVER take off my studs. They are a part of my ears (body) and just never leave. I shower, run, sleep, and do everything in my studs. But recently, I came across these aceate hoop earrings by Rachel Comey, and they are light, comfortable, hip, and easy….I love them and actually think I can rotate them into my ear repertoire.


The box. I have always been a fan of Rachel Comey’s clothes, and now I am a fan of her earrings (and for some reason, I love the box that they come in….it’s the small things….)

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Josie Natori RTW Spring 2018 Fashion Presentation BTS

This past Tuesday, my mother-in-law had her Josie Natori Ready to Wear Spring 2018 Fashion Presentation. It was a low-key event with great press and turn out. Every Fashion presentation takes a lot of effort, organization, and design. Enjoy these behind the scene photos!


Great view for the photo shoot.

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Crap Eyewear

Yes I realize that summer is now over so sunglasses are less important. BUT, big but, there is always a time and place to wear sunglasses. I found a pair of sunglasses in June, and they immediately became my favorite pair. They are cheap (although not GAP cheap), good looking enough, durable, and snazzy (super important adjective). And they have the best name, Crap Eyewear. I know, right? The line was born in reaction to the expensive eyewear market, but the glasses are fashion forward and… affordable! Win-win.

Here I am in ny crap eyewear.

Here I am in my Crap Eyewear.

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Currently Loving September 2017

Happy September, happy back to real life! I hope everyone settles in to the fall with ease and peace despite the craze and chaos it tends to bring. I know that I am trying to take one day at a time; better yet, hour to hour. I am not sure how summer disappeared as fast as it did, but I’m happy we created fond and wonderful memories that will forever be in our hearts! That said, here is what I am currently loving!


1. Slides. Yes, I know, shower slides from the 1990s are finally back in. I have been a fan of them the past two summers and have worn them non-stop. I love that they are easy, and go with everything. Although not practical for urban daily city life, I plan on wearing them once again NEXT summer, too. Thank god they are finally in fashion — last year I got a lot of weird looks.


Shower slides.

Shower slides. With no shower.

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CFDA Awards, June 5th, 2017

On Monday, I had the privilege of attending the CFDA Fashion Awards. Although I am not a designer, celebrity, socialite, or someone that anyone cares about seeing, it was fun to get dressed up and attend. The CFDA Awards is basically the Oscars for the Fashion World. My mother in law, Josie Natori, has been a member for forever, but due to her travel schedule, Ken and I went instead. It was a fun evening with great people watching, flowing champagne, and an opportunity to get all dolled up.


My favorite celebrity sightings of the night were Heidi Klum (striking! Amazing) and Gigi Hadid (beautiful -- resembles my daughter!)

My favorite celebrity sightings of the night were Heidi Klum (striking! Amazing) and Gigi Hadid (beautiful — resembles my daughter!)

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Interview with Maisonette

Maisonette, founded by Sylvana Ward Durrett and Luisana Mendoza Roccia, two (beautiful) alums from Vogue, is the new (online) hot destination to buy anything KID. Everything on their site is perfectly curated and tasteful… it makes you want Sylvana and Luisana to be your new BFFs. They are certainly smart, creative, fashionable, gorgeous tastemakers, and their website offers the best of the best of children’s brands — think Net-a-porter for kids. I had the opportunity to interview them, so take a look.



Sylvana and Luisana, and their kids.


How did you come up with the idea for an e-commerce kids site? What was the inspiration?

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Kid Clothing

I have a range of favorite kid clothing: from beautiful-fancy-pants-super-expensive Bonpoint, to cheap-and-trendy Zara. In addition to those retailers, here are some more obscure brands for kids clothes that I currently love and shop. (And sorry in advance for the photos….although I think my kids are super cute, they are not models, so no judgements).




Hip, California cool style. What is not to love? Fun summer clothing for the kids.


This shirt is currently Cruzzie's favorite shirt. It is super soft and comfortable with a good message.

This shirt is currently Cruzzie’s favorite. It is super soft and comfortable with a good message.

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Quickfire Interview with Jaqui Lividini

Thanks to my mother-in-law’s company and industry, I have had the privilege of meeting and socializing with some of her amazing friends and colleagues. Jaqui Lividini is one of the most interesting- beautiful, elegant, ever-so-glamorous, always fashionable and chic, creative, and inspiring. Jaqui runs her firm, Lividini and Co, which is a brand strategy company and works closely with many high profile companies such as QVC, Ellen, Hudson Bay, and many more. She is smart, strong, fierce, sweet, and the most beautifully decked out lady I have ever seen. Anything she wears is perfection. I had the opportunity to do a quick fire interview with her, so take a look!




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Josie Natori RTW SS 2017 Fashion Presentation

What better way to get back into the New York flow from the summer than by attending the Josie Natori SS2017 presentation.  I am in love. Presented at the Waterfall Mansion on the Upper East Side, the collection is airy, earthy, romantic, feminine, summer-y, and modern. Take a look at the pictures.


Rusty earthy colors.

Rusty earthy colors.

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Parisian Crochet Earrings

Handmade + Parisian + Earrings = Victory. Tambour Paris was founded by Etsuko Harada, who was born in Tokyo and began crocheting when she was two years old.  She opened her store in Paris in 2012 in the 11th arrondissement and has a beautiful selection of items. Especially these insanely awesome earrings.


Tambour Paris

Tambour Paris

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Adidas in Paris

In 2014, it was hard to miss the fact that everyone Parisian was wearing Stan Smiths. And sure enough, six months after that, Stan Smiths overtook the USA. Now, Stan Smiths continue to kick a$$ in Paris, but as I learned on my trip to Paris last weekend, everyone is wearing the Adidas SuperStar shoes. So, trust me, order them NOW before they become impossible to find. Everyone rocked the look and made them look so hip and gorgeous. So do it NOW, go buy them.




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Hungarian Embroidered Shirts – Muzungu Sisters

Nothing better than a mother-daughter-matching outfit…  a HUNGARIAN EMBROIDERED mother-daughter-matching outfit!


From my instagram (@ynatori), rocking my Hungarian shirt in Mexico.

From my instagram (@ynatori), rocking my Hungarian shirt in Mexico last week. We were vacationing with my parents in Bucerias. (Truth be told, I thought it was a Mexican shirt and therefore, very #meta of me to be a 1/2 Mexican wearing a Mexican shirt in Mexico. ALAS, le sigh, reality is that I was 1/2 Mexican in Mexico rocking a Hungarian shirt….doesn’t ring the same type of bell… but I still like the shirts.).

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Josie Natori RTW Fall 2016 Fashion Presentation

Josie Natori presented her Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear Collection this past Wednesday at The Doubles Club (the club where Ken and I had our rehearsal dinner). As always, the presentation was beautifully and elegantly put together. Unlike previous shows or presentations, this was held more like a cocktail party than a typical show (bring on the champagne!).




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Cotelac Leggings

Cotelac, one of my all time favorite brands, is a French company with two stores in NYC (Soho and the Upper East Side). It is very French, but more practical, motherly, rustic, classic than the other French brands I am in love with (Isabel Marant, Roseanna, Maison Olga, Vanessa Bruno, etc…). All of the clothes are machine washable and low maintenance. Each season, I buy a version of the tie dye jean which I can never have too many of. In addition to my new jeans, I also bought a pair of leggings which I am dying over. They are unique but subtle, versatile and comfortable, and perfect for layering in the cold winter months.


I ordered a size 1 to have it baggy at the ankle (typically, I would wear a size 0 in their clothing, but I preferred the looser look to that of tight leggings).

I ordered a size bigger than normal to have it baggy at the ankle

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Natori Feathers T-Back Bra

Ever since the Natori Feathers Bra came out, it has been the *only* bra that I wear. I own a bzillion bras (but of course) and they are all the Feathers Bra (see my love of the Feathers line here and here). HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE BRA — no competition whatsoever! In the past year, Natori came out with another Feathers Bra, the Feathers T-Back Bra….for whatever reason, I never bought (correction, ordered) it. Unnntillllllll, this weekend, when Sarah Jessica Parker, aka SJP posted herself wearing it.  YUP, now, I need one STAT.


It is actually a video of SJP getting zipped up to make a personal appearance at Bloomingdales, and her bra that is shown is Natori Feathers T-Back!

It is actually a video of SJP getting zipped up to make a personal appearance at Bloomingdales, and her bra that is shown is the Natori Feathers T-Back!

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Criquet Shirts

Everywhere I have turned recently, I have seen a different article on Criquet, a polo shirt company started by two boys from New York City who went to Ken’s alma mater, The Buckley School. As someone tied to both polo shirts (Ken’s preferred clothing choice) and Buckley (not only did Ken attend the school, I taught there for many years, and Cruzzie is now in Kindergarten there), I was instantly intrigued. And boy oh boy, are these shirts a winner! In addition to design, the shirts are distinguished by their hard collars with collar stays, four buttons, bright colors, and 100% cotton. Ken describes the shirts as “niiiiiice” and the “perfect shirt.”
Criquet is based in Austin, of my favorite places in the US!

Criquet is based in Austin, Texas… of my favorite places in the US!

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Josie Natori RTW Spring 2016 Fashion Presentation

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, I was delighted to attend the Spring 2016 Josie Natori Fashion presentation yesterday. It was a striking, beautiful, breathtaking and unique experience. And as always, I am incredibly proud of and impressed by my talented mother-in-law and her whole design team. BRAVO for a fabulous production.  And BRAVO to the team for making the FRONT COVER of Women’s Wear Daily this morning!!!  Read the glowing review here.


The invitation.

The invitation.

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Men’s Shirts: Beau

Men’s fashion alert!  As many of you know, I grew up in Eugene, Oregon, where there are as many men’s dress shirts as there are Republicans…(I only knew one or two families that were Republicans….call me a hippy liberal).  That’s not to say I don’t have a view on men’s shirts, because I am EXTREMELY OPINIONATED.  I can’t stand (bold underline italic)  men’s dress shirts that are too big (or men’s clothes in general).  Why is it hard for so many men to find clothes that fit well?  Fortunately, Ken has found a new custom-fit shirt service that is user-friendly, reasonably priced, and makes great looking shirts.


Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 6.36.24 AM

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Rachel Comey Culottes

Culottes are having a moment right now. Like a big moment. And because they feel so French and fancy free, I am in love.  I love wearing them with sneakers and pretending I live in Paris where I can roam the cobblestone streets with a baguette in my hand and un coup de champagne in the other. Alas, that is not my reality (schlepping to swimming lessons and hustling to tutoring is more the truth), but I still can “look” French. So Culottes are my new favorite pant.


So if I am going to try to look French, then I might as well a striped shirt, too. N'est pas? Mais OUI!

So if I am going to try to look French, then I might as well a striped shirt, too. N’est pas? Mais OUI!

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