Favorite New Cookbooks November 2017

Now that it is cold and dreary in NYC, I like to spend my time inside cooking. One of my favorite hobbies is looking at cookbooks (actually cooking out of them is less of a passion, but I’m working on it). I recently bought three new cookbooks and love them all.


Pretty books (and yes, pretty flowers).

There is something about food photography that I just love! Therefore, one of my musts for a good cookbook, are good pictures!


Smitten Kitchen Every Day


I have been a big fan of Smitten Kitchen for a while and love the social media account as well as the previous cookbook.

Lots of recipes and I am looking forward to making this dessert this week!


Cook Beautiful


I have loved the blog Eye Swoon for the past several years as Athena is the most tasteful and beautiful lady out there. So when I found out she was creating a cookbook, I knew that everything about it would be beautiful, and sure enough, it is one of my absolute favorites.

I am making this kale salad for dinner tonight! I can’t wait for a new kale salad recipe!


Dining In

A different type of food photography but still great and so beautiful.

I am most excited about the summer salads and will make them as soon as it is SUMMER (which can’t come soon enough but is far far away from now).


There you have it, my top three new favorite cookbooks! Of course, now that I am on a cookbook kick, I keep finding more and more that I want…..I hope you have a great week, Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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Casey 2 Cook – TV Chef

Today we go behind the scenes with a TV chef (one of my favorite types of TV). Casey (aka, Casey2Cook) is a successful chef who won a season of Cooks vs. Cons! (BTW, that is my biggest nightmare — being quick and fast in the kitchen). Such an inspiration and I learned so much from the interview. Thanks so much, Casey! And FYI, her partner Steven is Natori’s E-Commerce Shipping manager!


Talented and beautiful, too! Thanks, Casey for this interview and inspiration for all of us.



How did you start cooking? What inspired you to become a chef?

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Cookbooks – Summer 2016

Everything about my biffle‘s house is blog worthy. It is like walking into a perfectly curated store that carries only the best of the best. Literally, every nook and cranny could be photographed and written about as her taste and style is impeccable (I will take one of each, please). She is also a phenomenal cook who meal plans for her family with healthy, simple, and varied recipes. Here are her top cookbooks of Summer 2016. And perhaps if we have the same cookbooks, then we have the same dinners?


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.36.39 AM


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Thai Cabbage Slaw

The perfect crunch, taste, and salad. I can't wait to try more of Mark Bittman's concoctions.

My obsession with Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Matrix Cookbook continues. I can’t speak highly enough about it and EVERYONE must get it for their kitchen STAT. It makes meal-planning easy, and spices up our family dinner repertoire. My most recent find (there seems to be a new one every week!) is the thai cabbage slaw — DELISH what what!!!

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I shelled out the big dough and bought another kitchen gadget; and I couldn’t be happier. YUP, a spiralizer. What is a spiralizer (good question, kinda sounds like a pencil sharpener)? It is a device that transforms vegetables into “angel-hair” strands as well as spiral cuts, shoestrings and ribbon “noodles” — amazing, right?


Spiralizer! Even the name sounds spunky and happy! SPIRALIZE!

Spiralizer! Even the name sounds spunky and happy! SPIRALIZE!

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Short Stack Cookbooks

One of my besties is someone whose style and taste is impeccable. Everything she wears, owns, makes, likes and buys is top quality and perfect. She offers great outfit advice, gift options, and decor styling. This is in addition to being the most loyal, fun, funny, beautiful and loving friend. I am lucky to have her in my life. I am also incredibly lucky that she gifted me these hip and up-and-coming short stack cookbooks. Check them out!


short stack

short stack

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