Summer Must Have Beauty Products

If I had to pick my top four beauty items for the summer, this would be my list (well actually, I would include Tony and Tina’s Coconut Butter Bliss that I swear by, too…..)


Must Haves

Must Haves — every single one of them.


1. Davines Dede Hair Mist


It not only smells divine, but it works. Use it daily for detangling and de-frizzing, especially for fine hair. Combing my daughters hair is my main battle with her, but this mist works magic, and makes it tolerable and less of a fight.


The best detangler in the world.

The best detangler in the world.


2. Soleil Toujour Sunscreen


This sunscreen is mineral based (vs chemical). It is also the perfect weight, represents a great mix between spray and lotion, and has a soft scent. We go through bottles of it in the summer. It is a bit more expensive than other daily sunscreens, but I feel good about using a mineral based lotion on my skin daily.  It also doesn’t feel greasy or overbearing.



My go to sunscreen

My go to sunscreen


3. Chanel Lip Sheer Shine


It goes on like a gloss, feels like a gloss, but has more color to it. I love this coral-red and how it makes my lips feel moisturized and happy, too!



Lip shine.

Lip shine.


4. Davines Su Hair Milk


Sunscreen for the hair! We protect our skin, and now we must protect our hair. This spray works well to protect hair hydration and color from the sun. It also conditions hair without weighing it down, leaving it soft and shiny. Win win win!


Hair protector.

Hair protector.


What are you currently loving this summer for your beauty routine? Do share!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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Natural Deodorant: Agent Nateur

I am constantly on the search for several things: the best granola, natural deodorant, lipstick, and cookie (who needs anything else?). For each, I always think I have found “the best,” until my next new discovery. But honestly, I just found the best new natural deodorant, and I don’t think I will ever say that again… because THIS ONE, is seriously… The. Best. Natural. Deodorant. Ever.


Don't judge a book by its cover, but COME ON, this packaging is gorgeous. Seriously, I felt bad recycling the box! (But I am not a hoarder, and what would one do with a deodorant box anyways!)

Don’t judge a book by its cover, but COME ON, this packaging is gorgeous. Seriously, I felt bad recycling the box!

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