Spring 2013 Reading List

Here we go, again. Officially on spring break, I have more time, energy, and desire to read books! So here is my long, aspirational, and overly-hopeful list of books to read for Spring (Summer / Fall / Winter) 2013!

1. Me Before You (Jojo Moyes)

Me before You

2. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead (Sheryl Sandberg)

Lean In

3. Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand)


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Josie Natori on CNN Talk Asia!

Special Sunday post from The Josie Girl!

For those of you with cable, be sure to tune into CNN International tonight (Sunday) at 8:30 PM EST for an AMAZING 1/2 hour feature on Josie Natori and The Natori Company.  The show is Talk Asia, hosted by Monita Rajpal.  Cruzzie and Zoe make their TV debut!


The show is fantastic, and gives you great insight on my mother-in-law, Natori, and what goes on behind the scenes.  In addition to 8:30 PM EST on Sunday, the show will also air Tuesday at 3:30 AM, and Thursday at 12:30 AM.   It has already been on a couple of times, and it is great!  Be sure to watch CNN International!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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What I Am Thankful For

Small things I am thankful for….

* Coffee

* Jars, jars, and more jars of Peanut Butter

* Hot water and power

* The sound of giggles

* Amazing, loving, loyal, and caring friends

* Crisp, fresh apples

* Electric toothbrushes

* My health

* Cookies

* Creative combinations

* Cashmere

* Kale

* More Kale

* And even MORE Kale

* Equal rights

* The ability to impact a student’s life

* Showing girls and boys that a woman can be good at math

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Teacher’s Day!

Happy Teacher’s Day and Happy Teacher’s Week! Yes, the first full week of May is National Teacher Appreciation Week.  Hooray! And tomorrow (Tuesday) is National Teacher’s Day.  For those of you who don’t know, when I am not blogging/raising my son/exercising/cooking random healthy food concoctions, I am a middle school math teacher.  This is actually my 8th year of teaching math and I have taught in both public and private high schools and middle schools on the West Coast and East.

I love teaching.  Getting through to a student and making a difference is an incredible feeling.  I am obviously biased, but I think teachers are incredibly underappreciated (and underpaid!).  Especially living in New York where there is so much wealth and so many people who work in finance, it seems crazy to me my mind that teachers aren’t more appreciated, and that there isn’t more of an effort to attract people to education.

Teachers do love being told that they are making a difference.  So if you are a student, a parent of a student, or a friend of a teacher, make sure you do something to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher’s Day.  A small comment, thank you note, or other sign of appreciation goes a long way. Trust me!!

Who is your favorite teacher and how did he or she affect your life? Tell your story and forward this to your teacher! I can tell you from first hand experience how incredibly touching any thank you, email, note, or hug means. It is those moments that make teaching all worth it.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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