December 2016 Links Around the Web

If you find yourself having some time (HA! During this time of the year, NEVER!), here are some interesting reads from around the web. Enjoy!


Things I google and then sreenshot

Things I google and then sreenshot


47 ways how to feel alive and be happy.

A website with different resources for helping your children read.


Most popular baby names for 2016.


When I am sitting on a plane this coming weekend, en route to Asia, I will be referencing this article with the best movies of 2016.


Post election anxiety self care.


This is where I am headed on Saturday. Nope, not nervous at all.


Vacation proof your relationship.


The best pizza in NYC.


The best nachos in NYC.


Schedule for broadway shows in 2017.


A heartbeat and a broken heart.


Self regulation for kids.


Happy reading, baking, decorating, celebrating and eating!

Happy reading, baking, decorating, celebrating and eating!


Happy reading! And if you have any links / articles / news to share with me, I love reading what is out there, so do share! Thank you!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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Josie Girl


  1. Self-reg is as good for the parent as it is for the kid… When Maxine tells me “take a deep breadth”, as much as I hate to admit it, she is often right…

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